Mia Khalifa is Still Underrated After All Those Years

When talking about pornstars that defined a generation, people oftentimes overlook one of the biggest draws of the adult entertainment world… Mia Khalifa. The girl single-handedly kickstarted the hijab porn trend. The beautiful glammed-up Muslim in the porn industry was able to perform at the highest level while causing a huge uproar in the Middle East. How can we forget that she received death threats from some religious loons on a regular? This girl went through a lot, but she always kept her composure and came out on top. One of her biggest tweets came when she called out one of the zealots and made him look like a pathetic idiot…

Anyway, we are not here to talk about the lunacy of some of the brain-dead religious fanatics that feel the need to threaten someone simply for having the audacity to become an adult film star. We are here to remember an awesome career. Every time naked Mia Khalifa appeared on the screen, you knew it is going to be good. The stacked Muslim girl always did her best, she always came up with ways to remain relevant, and most importantly, she always had a positive message. Although not everyone was pleased with her, her face was always plastered on almost every ‘hottest pornstar list’ for quite some time. She was immensely popular and she deserved every single bit of it.

We all knew she would make it big. The way she did it in such a short time, is extremely impressive. She is one of the best pornstars to ever grace the porn industry. Mia Khalifa was not a flash in the pan, she worked hard to climb up the ranks to get where she is today. She has had to deal with way too many lows, but that was always her greatest strength. Her ability to bounce back is like the best thing ever. Not to mention that she has a perfect body, perfect face, and her sex skills are on par with the best of them. She can do anything we are happy to say that we have seen. Mia Khalifa is more than a pornstar, she is a pop culture icon. Mia Khalifa is a Muslim porn star, and she is going to remain relevant forever.


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